Buy Rapé (aka rapeh, hapeh), the shamanic snuff from Goa

Here you can buy rapé (aka rapeh, hapeh), the magic shamanic snuff made in Goa. Shiva Power and Full Moon are the first two blends of shamanic snuff I have decided to sell online, after years of experimenting. Click the links above to check them out!

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If you are interested in buying Goa rapeh, please contact us.

These rapé (aka rapeh, hapeh)) are becoming increasingly popular among the local spiritual and shamanic community. They are a viable alternative to buy rapé made in South America. Produced daily in the jungle, with manual methods, it is packaged and shipped no more than 7 days after the production, to ensure its freshness.

I produce this rapé according to the traditional method from the Amazonian tribes but made with a range of ingredients carefully selected among the most sacred and powerful herbs from the Ayurveda realm. Instead of tsunu wood ash, I use Banyan tree, the most sacred tree in Asia.

Full moon rapé is a gentle, yet powerful, snuff. This shamanic snuff is meant as a tool to delve into meditation, and thanks to its feminine nature it’s ideal to be used in channeling practices and to connect to a higher level of consciousness. It can also be used to intensify the connection during tantra and tao exercises and as a preparation for more intense shamanic ceremonies such as Kambo and ayahuasca, and other plant ceremonies. Choose it if you want to buy rapé for meditating, or to increase sensitivity during rituals with other people.

Shiva Power is a powerful, masculine rapé powder. This shamanic snuff is meant as a tool to increase the energy of the body, and sharpen the focus of the mind. It is ideal for cleansing, releasing negative energy, and grounding. It is suited to be consumed alone with a kuripe, or administered by a shaman. It is a natural tool to prepare for higher ceremonies, like kambo, ayahuasca, and other plant ceremonies. Choose Shiva Power if you want to buy rapé to empower your body and mind, and to prepare for intense ceremonies.

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