This is ENERGY, a big ceremonial Tepi rapeh applicator to administer shamanic rapé snuff tobacco during rituals like Ayahuasca and Kambo and rapé ceremonies.

I made it to produce an energy balance between the shaman and the receiver. The middle area is made with leather to produce a soft touch during the ceremony.

All the material I use, from wood to bamboo, is found in nature, here in Goa. I purified this rapeh applicator with Palo Santo holy wood smoke. Stone and shell come from Jaipur, India.

Also known as Hape, Rapeh, Rapé is a legal sacred shamanic medicine. The shamans from South America have been using it for centuries as medicine. Its main ingredient is a special kind of tobacco. The indigenous people who make rapé mix this tobacco with various medicinal plants, such as mint, clover, tonka beans, banana peels, and cinnamon.

Measurements: 10″ x 4″ x 1.”
Materials: Bamboo, Leather, Resin, Natural Fabric
Stone: from Jaipur, India
Stone: varies
Material source: Strictly found in nature in Goa, India

NOTE: This is a handmade product. Each piece has slight variations.

You can buy this tepi rapeh applicator with Hanuman, a hand-made rapé container I created to be my shamanic snuff case.


You can use this rapeh pipe with a rapé of your choice. If you want to buy rapé, I suggest trying the two, magic rapé blends I produce here in Goa: Full Moon Rapé, and Shiva Power Rapé.


I make my rapé pipes in a small laboratory in Goa, India, where I live most of the year. I sell on the beach during the season, and I now sell it here too, to reach conscious people worldwide. I purified them with Palo Santo holy wood smoke.

My rapé applicators are on sale on Etsy too, at ArambolMagic

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  1. Ashley

    beautiful, thoughtful work. Thank you!

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