This is LOVE, a cute kuripe. A small, traditional Kuripe self-applicator. A hand-made pipe made to administer rapé ceremonial snuff tobacco, (hapeh, hape, rapeh) in Ayahuasca and Kambo ceremonies, and other occasions.

All my kuripe come now with Nose Fitting. You can choose the size of your pipe (Small, Medium, or Large) in the Personalization section, and I will craft your rapé applicator to fit the size and shape of your nose.

It comes in 3 color variations. You can buy it with Hanuman, a hand-made rapé container I have created to be my personal shamanic snuff case.

I make this cute kuripe in a small laboratory in Goa, India, where I live for most of the year. I sell on the beach during the season, and I now sell it here too, to reach conscious people around the world.

I purified this pipe with Palo Santo holy wood smoke.

Also known as Hape, Rapeh, Rapé is a legal sacred shamanic medicine. The shamans from South America have been using it for centuries as medicine. Its main ingredient is a special kind of tobacco. The indigenous people who make rapé mix this tobacco with various medicinal plants, such as mint, clover, tonka beans, banana peels, and cinnamon.


You can use this simple kuripe with a rapé of your choice. If you want to buy rapé, I suggest trying the two, magic rapé blends I produce here in Goa: Full Moon Rapé, and Shiva Power Rapé.

Measurements: 4″ x 2″ x 0.5″
Materials: Bamboo, Resin, Quartz Crystal
Material source: Found in nature in Goa, India

NOTE: This is a handmade product. Each piece has small variations. These variations are a value-added.

Additional information

What is a rapé pipe and how to use it

What is rapé


Red, Green, Blue


Small, Medium, Large


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