Shiva Power rapeh, a powerful snuff for the mind

Shiva Power rapeh is a powerful, masculine shamanic snuff (Hapeh/Hapé/Rapè).

Shiva Power rapeh, masculine shamanic snuff from Goa

This shamanic snuff is meant as a tool to increase the energy of the body, and sharpen the focus of the mind. Choose this shamanic snuff if you want to buy rapé for cleansing, releasing negative energy, and grounding. It is suited to be consumed alone with a kuripe, or administered by a shaman in a rapeh ceremony. It is a natural tool to prepare for higher ceremonies, like kambo, ayahuasca, and other plant ceremonies.

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You can buy it with Hanuman, a hand-made rapé container I have created to be my personal shamanic snuff case.

Shiva Power rapeh is made in Goa, and it’s becoming increasingly popular among the local spiritual and shamanic community. Produced daily in the jungle, with manual methods, it is packaged and shipped no more than 7 days after the production, to ensure its freshness.

Brown in color, Shiva Power rapeh is sharp and stronger than Nukini rapé. It hits the mind first. It is then felt in the body, giving a sense of warmth, power, and control.

How is Shiva Power rapeh produced

Shiva Power rapé is produced according to the traditional method from the Amazonian tribes but made with a range of ingredients carefully selected among the most sacred and powerful herbs from the ayurvedic realm.

A strong variety of Rustica is mixed with the ashes of the sacred Banyan tree, used here instead of the common Tsunu.

While the recipe is kept secret, the Full Moon rapé includes more than 9 herbs, all organic and locally sourced.

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